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Decorative Stone Wall

Decorative stone for walls and facades are available in various colours, patterns and size to allow for multiple applications- from rooms, kitchen and bathrooms to outdoor walls. Allows for creating an original feature element in your house. The unique effect can be achieved to add depth and contrast to any home- 3D effect wall. Decorative stone walls enhance the features of interiors and exteriors alike.

General Installation Instructions

1/. Preparation

• Prior to the application of primer agent, make certain the surface is clean, dry and level. In case of gypsum surfaces, apply two layers of primer agent. Level the wall and install a simple strip to support first row of decorative stones.

• Work in temperature between +5ÅãC and +25ÅãC. Before laying any stones, check that products correspond to those ordered and that there is no visual defects in the material. Using a wire brush, clean the back surface of stone on which you apply the adhesive.

• When installing stone veneer, remember that the weight is transferred to the substructure. Fences or walls, on which you install the stone, should have horizontal insulation of foundations. 

2/. Laying

• Depending on the type of stone, use appropriate Stone Master’s bonding adhesive. Grind the side edge of the stone to remove inequalities if necessary. Use an angle grinder to cut concrete wall cladding, and wood saw to gypsum products.

• Apply an adhesive on the back side of product using a notched trowel. After applying the adhesive,evenly push it to the subsurface. Taking into account that majority of our products imitates stone which occurs in nature, yet production process depends largely on handmade work and usage of genuine minerals, differences in the shade of individual elements are welcome.

• To maximize this effect, we suggest to mix the elements from different packages.

3/. Jointing

• Depending on the type of product, install your stone veneer with joints or without. Begin jointing after complete drying of the adhesive using a grout spreader.

• After the jointing grout has dried slightly, use a jointer or other simple tool to obtain a smooth finish.

• Next when jointing grout had dried completely, take a brush and remove the rest of the mortar from the edges.

4/. Protection

• After laying and jointing, use Stone Master gypsum or concrete impregnant agent to protect your stonework. 

• After laying and jointing, use Stone Master gypsum or concrete impregnant agent

to protect your stonework. Impregnation helps to keep the stone



In all IBB depots, you will find the range of Stone Master decorative stones and dedicated chemistry products. For detailed information visit:  

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